Tre Världar

World of Pan

Through the book "The World of Pan" you will get to know many different groups of beings in the elements; earth, water, air and fire. You will learn about them, laugh at their jokes, hear what they wish from us and see lots of pictures of them. They are longing to be accepted by us and they get strengthened when we think of them and believe in them. When we even come to practical action aiming to their best - which in the same time is for our own best - a great and durable change can take place with our beloved earth.

The day we understand that everywhere in the landscape there are living and sentient beings, we will behave totally different. The day we understand that the tree grew so beautifully because of a lot of beings, we will make our decisions with the heart. We will take care of the landscape as the living and conscious world it is.

Chapters that describe a group of beings - where they are, what they look like, what they do and what they wish from us - alternate with chapters where you meet a separate being and get an insight in his or her life. The World of Pan is a broad book for everyone who is curious and wants to learn more about elemental beings.

The book has 320 pages, 98 small illustrations and contents of five parts; Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Overview. Example of chapters in Overview;

The elements, ether and etheric substance

What they are

How they come into existence

What they see



Christ consciousness


Mans relation to the elements