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Welcome to the web site of Rebecka Vik and Three Worlds!

I have written four books for adults - two about elemental beeings, one about the nordic goods and one about former lives and how they effekt us now (se front page below). Master Grey is translated to english and available as an e-book (with much better english than this...). It is about my first time amongst nature beeings and how I met the sometimes scary, sometimes wonderful nature spirit Master Grey.


Early I had three interests; nature, art and the spiritual world. After twelve years in a Waldorf School I committed myself to them one by one. I went to Stockholm University and studied biology and geology. I had my family and then I worked as an artist, had exhibitions and was teaching art in schools and prison. After a long time with an illness I finally found the tools that I needed to get healthy again. The same tools were also needed to get in contact with spiritual beings.

When I was a child I played with nature beings, but when I grew up I forgot about them. Now, 37 years old, I was facing a little earth-being again. He looked up at me and smiled from one ear to another. The little ommie conquered my heart and since that day, 2 February 2000, I have been busy studying nature in this new way. Now my three interests - nature, art and spirituality - became one; to be in the landscape and both with my physical and inner, artistic senses, search into nature, and get in contact with the spiritual beings that permeate it.

2003-05 I went to the Nordic education in Geomancy with Marko Pogacnik among other teachers. Since then my interest in the research of Rudolf Steiner has been increasing. Metaphysic beings or phenomena that I experience I afterwards often find described in his books or lectures. Usually there are no signposts or nameplates in nature so I'm very happy when I read Steiner and find names and catchall terms for what I have seen.

When I'm not working I try to understand more about the world and about man. I do my research in meditation, under my walks, when I swim or when I'm in other situations. At home I write and draw the experiences. With time the understanding grows - and so does the curiosity, the amount of questions and the joy. The support and love we are surrounded by fills me with great reverence and happiness, and I am very thankful that I'm now able to share it with others, especially through my writing.

My Work

The core of my work is research of the three worlds; earth, heaven and landscape. The physical matter is an expression of and permeated by metaphysic beings and energies. My conviction is that if we learn to cooperate from our hearts with them, we will be able to help our planet to a healthy and durable development. 2005 i started my firm Three Worlds. I was already writing but now I also started to work with the following.

Inventory's and healing works. When people wish to get a deeper understanding for and cooperation with their garden I can make an inventory for them. I find places like a fairy circle, a tree where Pan is, a place with fire elementals or an angel focus. If there is a disturbance, often in houses, I first make an inventory and later we gather a group of people who live or work in the house or who are in some way connected to it, and together we do a healing work.

Courses. Exercises and meditations help the participants to open their inner senses for the metaphysic beings and energies of the landscape. To do this is at the same time a powerful way to work with your personal development.

Lectures. I show pictures of different groups of beings in the three worlds and tell about my meetings and experiences with them, and often I read messages they've been giving to us. Here are some of the subjects;

Elemental beings and nature spirits

The animals and their group souls

The layers of the earth

The three goddesses

The angels

The archangel Vidar

Lucifer and Ahriman

Beings of the future

The Trinity

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